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Managing Your Orders

Third-party sellers handle customer service for orders shipped directly from them, unless the order is eligible for BNDL.

To contact a third-party seller, do one of the following:
Go to the product listing on BNDL and click the third-party seller’s name. Click the Ask a question button.
Go to Your Orders, find your order in the list, and click Problem with order. Depending on your issue, we’ll help you contact the seller if necessary.

Please give sellers 2 days to respond. In most cases, you’ll receive a reply much sooner. Most orders placed with Sellers are covered by our A-to-z Guarantee. If you don’t hear from the seller within 2 days, go to A-to-z Guarantee to see if you qualify.
If the seller’s listing is eligible for BNDL,BNDL Customer Service will handle any issues related to the order.
If the tracking number starts with “TBA”, or your order is shipping with “BNDL_US”, see About Deliveries from BNDL Logistics (BNDL_US).

You can update the address, payment method, and more, on orders that haven’t entered the shipping process by visiting Your Orders in Your Account.

To change your order information:

Go to Your Orders.
Select Order Details link for the order you want to change.
To edit orders shipped by BNDL, select Change next to the details you want to modify (delivery shipping address, payment method, gift options, etc.).
Follow the on-screen instructions to change the desired information.
Note: Sellers can’t change the shipping address for you once you’ve submitted your order. If you need to update the shipping address and the item hasn’t shipped yet, you’ll need to request a cancelation and order again.

You can cancel items or orders that haven’t entered the shipping process yet.
Go to Your Orders and select the order you want to cancel.
Select the check box next to each item you want to remove from the order. To cancel the entire order, select all of the items.
Select Cancel checked items when finished.
After submitting the cancelation, we’ll send you a confirmation message to the email address on your account.

You can also confirm that the order was canceled by visiting Your Orders. If you see the order in the Cancelled Orders section, it was successfully canceled.

If your order shipped directly from Amazon and can’t be modified, you may refuse the package or return it using our Online Returns Center.

If your order shipped directly from a seller and can’t be modified, please contact the seller for instructions. For more information on how to contact the seller, go to Contact Third-Party Sellers.


Recommended Topics

If you are doing a conventional return:

Initiate a return through your Orders page. Follow the steps until you receive a return confirmation and return label. Pack your item securely, then print and attach the return label to your package. If you don’t have the original shipping container, use a sturdy box and include padding such as packing bubbles or newspaper. Bring your item to the drop-off location you selected during the returns process.

If you are doing a label-free, box-free return:

Initiate a return through your Orders page. If you selected a label-free, box-free return location, you do not have to package your item in a shipping box. After completing the steps in the returns process, you will receive a QR code. Bring the item you wish to return and the digital QR code to the drop-off location.

If you need to return a gift, go to Return a Gift.

Shipping Policies

Shipping rates depend on the selected shipping speed and weight/size of the items.

To determine the applicable shipping rate for items in your Cart:

Select Proceed to Checkout
Select or add your shipping address
Select a shipping speed and select Continue
Select a payment method and select Continue
The total shipping & handling cost will be listed under Order Summary.

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