Polycom® VVX® 450 Phone

Executives, senior management
and remote office
workers who demand the ultimate
in quality. Upscale retail
and restaurants, law offices,
government and healthcare.
Enable seamless HD video by
adding the VVX camera.

• 16 programmable lines/registrations
• 4.3” capacitive touch color screen
for display and control
• Polycom® HD Voice™ and Acoustic
Fence™ technology
• 2x GigE 10/100/1000 for highperformance
network pass-through
• 2x USB ports for storage and
call recording
• RJ9 Headset support with
electronic hook switch
• Asian character support
• Support for up to 3 expansion
• Video conferencing via optional
USB camera
• Bluetooth support for wireless
headset connectivity