BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape, White, 10/Pack (50790)

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BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape rolls easily over typed and written materials for quick error-proofing.

BIC Wite-Out EZ correct correction tape fixes mistakes quickly and effortlessly thanks to a wheel that keeps the tape moving smoothly over the surface of the page. Blot out handwritten or typed materials in one swift motion, and then correct over it a few seconds later because there’s no drying time required. The dispenser has a contoured design that fits ergonomically into your hand, thereby reducing errant marks and hand fatigue at the office.

  • White block-style correction tape with an easy grip for comfortable use
  • Works on white paper with typed or handwritten ink
  • White
  • Applies dry for instant corrections
  • Pack of 10 for plenty of supplies in the office and easy reordering
  • Translucent body helps keep track of available tape
  • Applies dry for instant corrections
  • Film-based tape resists tears
  • Self-winding mechanism helps prevent take from slacking
  • Fast, clean and easy to use
Wide Range of Documents
Rely on fast, permanent correction of laser prints, inkjet prints, photocopies, faxes, ink and permanent marker for a clean look. The white strip has no cracking, tearing, chunking or peeling, and the correction tape dries quickly to form an opaque white barrier between the old text and the new. The white correction tape leaves no shadows on faxes and photocopies to create a professional appearance. Corrected documents reduce confusion and increase readability.

Plenty of Tape
Each dispenser is 1/6 inch wide and 39.3 feet long, giving your staff plenty of correction tape for busy weeks, whether you have reports due or lots of note-taking to sift through. A 10-pack of correction tape alleviates the need to order these items until later, and precise usage lets you optimize the ordering process.

Ergonomic Gripping and Bright Colors
An ergonomic plastic grip reduces hand fatigue during long days. It also makes for better results on the page thanks to efficient dispensing. Brightly colored housings make these correction tapes stand out from other items in your supply closet. Finding them more quickly reduces confusion and saves staff time when rummaging through a storeroom.

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