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Procurement on Demand (retainer Model)

Dexter help business buy effectively, save on what they buy, and increase margin and profitability.  We do this by developing a thorough knowledge of your services, your suppliers and your business, and combine this with our deep experience of the market and suppliers.  We save our customers hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars with supplier negotiations, service retenders and cost optimization.  Not only that, but in most cases whilst saving money we increase customer satisfaction and/or service quality. Find out more about what we do here

An example of what we’ve done for customers in the past – outsourcing call centers, logistics and supply chain review and marketing print.

Given this level of savings and positive impact, professional procurement expertise isn’t cheap, but we’re changing that!

Dexter’s Procurement on Demand service allows you to buy procurement expertise on a set number of days a month, allowing you to budget and have the expertise on hand when you need it.

Examples of the work Procurement on Demand can do for you:

  • Review a critical contract for and identify areas of risk and for improvement;
  • Review your spending in key areas and compare that with our knowledge to identify saving and efficiency opportunities;
  • Run and deliver saving opportunities identified in the activity above;
  • Run full supplier tenders to refine your service, reduce your suppliers, or open a new supplier engagement;
  • Draft or review your procurement policy to provide your business with secure, safe and honest procurement processes.

For more involved pieces of works like tenders, you may need more days, in which case you can borrow from your annual allowance.   (if you buy 2 days a month, you actually get 24 days year).

Contact us at (contact details here) to discuss your needs, or simply purchase your Procurement on Demand service below.

Procurement on Demand

Purchases are for a minimum 12-month period.  You may borrow or bank your monthly allocation as required within your use year.  If you don’t use January or Februarys days, these are banked and you can then use 6 days in March.  Or you borrow up to 3 months at a time, so could use in 6 days in January by borrowing from your February and March allowance.

For more than 5 days a month, we recommend a detailed discussion on your needs so that we may design and recommend a custom solution to meet your needs. We do this with great flexibility and different cost models.

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