Dexter Supplier Review

For this engagement, Dexter’s procurement experts will conduct an in-depth review of your supplier spend to identify potential saving areas.

We do this with all our clients and this activity helps do a high level review of the services, costs, suppliers and complexity of your business.  This, in turn, helps identify savings and simplification opportunities.  When we run these for our clients, we save then hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

You get the full report and can decide what to do with the information provided.

After we’ve received your file (generally an extract of a years AP data), plus your 20 top spend contracts where available), we use our evaluation toolsets to categorise your data and create a report which identifies:

  1. Spend per category (i.e. IT, facilities, finance, marketing)
  2. Breakdown of subcategories (IT – software, IT – service, IT services)
  3. A commentary on each category on how your costs compare the market
  4. Identification of potential opportunities to be explored further

Note that you can choose to explore the opportunities identified with your in house team, there is no requirement to involve Dexter in the next steps.

Cost – Standard engagement with AP file provided prior to commencement

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